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We are search engine optimization experts in India. We are not limited to India only but our network is all over the world and our name is recognizable in international markets. Our IT experience is more than 10 years. We started as a website development company in India in the Year 1998 and have seen all the good and bad stages of the IT industry.

We are one of the best people when it comes to search engine optimization in New Delhi, India, seo in New Delhi, India, pay per click management also known as ppc and google sponsored links, New Delhi, India.

There was a time when the websites were very scare and having a 5 page site was very big asset. There was a time when people were very keen to have their existence on the internet. Then in the year 2002 was a time of getting web portals made with very comprehensive features. Most of the projects in India at that time were not finished and dropped down in a midway. Those were the days for the down fall of web industry and the rise of IT enabled services in India or the call centres or BPO. The rise of BPO industry was very fast pace and beyond imagination. After all those us and downs now the web site industry has come to a matured stage and lot of new things have risen in this industry.

In todays date to have a website is not a big thing and people use to have multiple site for their industry. Every one now who is planning to have a website look it from promotion point of view then comes the term search engine optimization. People have very little knowledge as to how their site is going to be promoted and here we will guide you on this.

If you are planning to have a website then you should register domain name for your company. This company name website will be your official site or your profile on the net. Then think of several generic names for your industry for example if you are automobile manufacturer then you should think of some domains such as,, etc.. so there could be couple of names like them for different products.

Why we are telling to think of some generic name for your products? The reason is we need to develop more than one website to increase the probability for promotion. In other words if we will have multiple websites based on the industry and products then we have the lead to have numerous keywords for our site search in search engines.

Our website promotion probability will be increased because on each page we can put limited keywords and the keywords will be ralated to that web page content. So if we have more pages with us then we will have more options to put the keywords. For e.g. for a travel agency the site administrator will put few words/keywords on airlines page such as - air ticket booking, online ticket booking, air fares for delhi to mumbai, air fares, travel agency in india, travel agent in india.

Then on HOTELS PAGE the keywords would be like - hotel bookings in india, best hotel deals in india, 5 star hotels in india etc. so in a way having two pages one for airlines and one for hotels more and more keywords can be inserted so in a way we will segment the audience and the keywords. So if you are planning for website development then think in this perspective and after deciding couple of name get them registered.

Now after registering one job is over then comes the part of webhosting. Try to choose a service provider which is a good brand name in IT industry because the webserver should have guaranteed 99.9% up time. The good up time is very important part and it has direct impact on web promotion. Because if your site is down for some time or more than the permissible limits as per the search engines then it may be out of the database of search engines. So don't compromise on cost and choose the right one for this service.

Then comes the part as to what to put in the websites. Then first think of the main and official website and put the brief content for your different pages such as :
  • Home page - Put the introduction
  • About us - Put the company profile
  • Products/services - List all of them and then put description for all products and services in different pages
  • Enquiry form - put a form with required fields to be emailed to you
  • Contact us - put address, contact person name, phone nos., emails etc.

Try to finish this website with minimal content so that you can proceed further for the other websites. Before start developing the content for other sites just have a look at the competitors sites by searching in search engines such as google, yahoo or MSN and study the title, description and keywords which they have put in different pages of their websites. Make a list of those keywords and put the country specific words separately. Also have a look on the content part of those websites.

Take the designing part of the generic domains one by one. Write content for all pages along with designing job and do not copy any single line from any website exept for few word phrases. Put the keywords in meta tags one by one in each page according to the subject of that page. Putting meta tags is very important part for promotion of any website. So put very attractive title and description.

Promotion of multiple websites

Promotion of multiple websites for one company is very interesting task because there are great chances of having any one of them with some pages to be on top ten. If we are promoting a website and if few of its pages are coming on top 10 with some keywords then we need not to change them for some time and try to find the words which are not covered by those pages. Now put those keywords in other page of other websites and make some changes in meta tags and content part then wait for the next crawls and in this way promoting multiple sites for one client is easy and interesting one.

Our team take care of all the tracking work using tools and some times manually after each crawls of search engines. Generally we use manual ways to track the search engine rankings for our client's websites because it reduces the risk of spamming by the search engines and the tracking result is correct and up to the mark.

Website And SEO Resources

Tracking of site ranking is very important to know what is missing and we have a clear idea of the words that needs more emphasis. Some times we use link exchage or put site link in various other promoted sites in order to increase the crawling frequency and this gives us an edge of tracking more frequently and we came to know the position of site in search engine in less time and this reduces the time frame of search engine optimization which is necessary for client satisfaction.